On-demand Support

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COVID-19 has forced companies to rethink how the office will be structured and what work life looks like.

Since the pandemic, there are new ways of getting work done other than the traditional "hiring and employing" staff. On-demand support is one of them.

On-demand support is a cost-effective and flexible solution to get work done when you need help.

Dedicated on-demand support is available daily or weekly, full-time or part-time, temporary or ongoing, or projects as they come up.

Virtual Office offers event, marketing, and product support for new companies or existing ones looking to add staff because temporarily they need a little help.

In the past, when companies wanted to save on labor costs, they hired overseas labor. Virtual Office labor is 100% support from the USA.



7AM - 5PM (Central)


Princeton/Elk River MN

United States of America

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