"...a positive attitude, healthy curiosity and a voracious appetite for getting real work done... Brenda is quick to dig in and make sense of what needs to be done and in what priority... She is a true asset...I would hire her again in a heartbeat."                   - Director, North America Marketing Communications

"Brenda is a detailed oriented planner"   

                                                      - National Account Manager

"...always impressed with her determination and resourcefulness. ...she is focused and she gets things done."                                     - President & CEO

Why Virtual Office?

After 20+ solid years of events and marketing experience, I knew there was a better way to get work done, and that is when you need it. Sometimes labor costs are high and noticeable when business is slow and paying for help when you need it allows flexibility rather than annual costs of retaining employees.

My goal has been to make work life easier by offering support in events and marketing that you can trust.

Whether layoffs, employment gaps, or lots to do we will complete the work and cut labor costs.

With layoffs and reduced labor forces, there are times vacant job responsibilities are given to others resulting in added stress and animosity.

You decide if you need part- or full-time help, daily or weekly, or projects as they come up. This is why Virtual Office exists to help companies fill a gap for employment work and save labor costs.

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