"Brenda's capability is only surpassed by her enthusiasm and energy."                                                                                        - Business Development Manager

Administrative Services

Let's face it, it doesn't matter what type of position you are in, you will find adminis-trative tasks waiting to be completed. Typically, these are tasks people do not want to spend time on, I know, I've been there.

Tasks that are repetitive, unchallenging and uncreative typically never end up being completed. 

"...very impressed with Brenda's responsiveness and eagerness to help."                                                                                                         - Director, Clinical Affairs

Examples of administrative tasks you should be delegating.

  • Preparation of training materials

  • Document template creation

  • Database management

  • Adding tags and images to blog posts

  • Moderating blog comments

  • Basic bookkeeping and payroll duties

  • PDF conversion, splitting and merging

  • Creating/managing spreadsheets

  • Filtering emails/managing spam

  • Answering customer service emails/tickets/chat support

  • Establishing, updating and managing calendar of events

  • Composing documents from drafts

  • Proofreading documents and other materials

  • Composing press releases and newsletters and submit to news release

"I find her to be very creative, detail oriented and very energetic in any of her roles."                                                                                             - Marketing Director

That is precisely why I am here to help you. Allow me to complete these tasks so you can focus on the types of responsibilities you enjoy.


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