"...a pleasure to work with...very knowledgeable putting together integrated media plans, incorp-orating branding, lead gen and thought leader-ship programs."                                                             - President, Major Media Co.

We realize it's hard to know where to begin using our on-demand support. 


We tell our customers to start with simple tasks. During this time, we all become familiar with the process, communication style, and expectations. 


Here are examples of simple tasks to start:

  • Website management

  • CRM

  • Events / Workshops

  • Newsletters

  • Social media

  • Sales support

We are different. We focus on results.

Contact us, we are listening.


amazing things happen when you listen.

Detailed, proactive on-demand marketing support is available to meet the demands and time-sensitive needs of busy marketing and sales professionals. 

Virtual Office understands the challenges companies face today. You need to continue to grow the business, stay competitive, yet keep your operating costs low.


On-demand marketing support is available when you need extra help or have a project that lingers, and you just want it done. We help you successfully plan, manage and execute your marketing programs that generate awareness and build your brand.

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