"Never daunted by the unknown or vague parameters, Brenda is quick to dig in and make sense of what needs to be done and in what priority."   

                            - Marketing Communications Director

"...delivers great results that contribute to a company's bottom line."                     - President

"Takes time to plan her projects and makes sure she understands all requirements that define success. In short, she is focused and gets things done!"                     - General Manager


""I was always impressed with the determination and resourcefulness that Brenda brought to the job"                                         - CEO, President

My desire is to help stressed-out employees everywhere. I offer support in the areas of Events, Marketing, and Administrative. My top-notch support services deliver the attention to detail, time management, organization, and competence that you expect from a high performing employee. The only difference is, you are not tied to permanent labor and other related employee-costs.

Take a look at the chart below which shows the average annual median salary for Events/Trade Show, Marketing and Administrative positions.

Can you imagine saving roughly $5,319 - $31,142 annually and still receive the same level of quality support?


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